Blog: Training Camp 2017

11 hours of gym time, 6 broken goalballs, 13 athletes, 3 provinces – the 2017 Training Camp was a great success!!

Athletes from BC, Alberta, and Quebec, from beginner goalball players to members of the national team; everyone was working on improving their game and gaining court experience. The training camp included pitching clinics, blocking drills, scrimmages, and a friendly tournament.


A huge thank you to BC Blind Sports for their financial contribution to this training camp. Thank you to javelin coach Ben Hutchinson and Team Canada softball pitcher Derek Mayson for coming in to work with our athletes and share their knowledge of their respective sports. It’s always great to see collaboration between sports!

Thank you to the Canadian Blind Sports Association for sending national team coaches, Nathalie Séguin and Darren Hamilton to run the training camp.

Thanks to Anton’s Pasta Bar for fuelling our athletes with an abundance of carbohydrates on the Saturday evening. Mmmm!

Below are some photo highlights from the weekend:

Clement Chou takes his final step before releasing the ball on the right wing.
Doug Ripley receives a great pass from his centre, Brieann Baldock.
Ahmad Zeividavi finds his left winger, Clement Chou, to pass the ball off to.
Monty Lilburn lines up for a shot out of the right wing.
Clement Chou blocks a shot at centre, and looks off to his left winger Doug Ripley.
Blair Nesbitt, Brendan Gaulin, John Tee, and Ahmad Zeividavi stand at the net during a throwing clinic.
The group sits around a table at Anton’s Pasta Bar with huge plates of pasta in front of them.
Ahmad Zeividavi holds the ball in his hands as his right winger, Maryam Salehizadeh gets out of his way.
Maryam Salehizadeh lines up with the right goal post before firing a shot across the court.
Brendan Gaulin feels the crossbar as he lines up for a shot from centre court.
Doug Ripley stands at the net with the ball in his hands, preparing to take a shot. Clement Chou stands to his right at the right goal post.
Amanda Pang winds up to take a shot from the left wing.
Bruno Haché, Ahmad Zeividavi, and Doug Ripley take instruction from coach Nathalie Séguin.
Maryam Salehizadeh and Ahmad Zeividavi take a rest on the bench looking very sweaty and exhausted.
Derek Mayson
Team Canada softball pitcher and pitching coach Derek Mayson works with the athletes from the Men’s National Team.

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